Training Programs

Weight Loss Program

Beginners 8 Week Program.

Note: This program is for all ages and genders!


What's In This Program?


Who's This Program For?

This program has been designed for first time gym goers or for any individual who has reached a plateau in their progress.

Whether you need to lose 20kgs or just the last couple of stubborn kilograms, this program will help you achieving this goal.


We start by explaining the importance of weight training in your weight loss journey and why this is the only way to stay lean in the long term

(no more fad diets required)

  • Introduction to weight training and WHY you need this program

  • Explanation on some of the most important aspects of weight training & the role it plays in weight loss

  • 8 Week - Detailed training program (videos of exercises included)

  • Option to invest in programs for a further 16 weeks